Pricing Policy               
Our Prices will be approximate  per   m² on turn-key agreement Contracts ( using materials and specifications from our terms & conditions )

Platinum                                                                   Gold

€922 + vat /                                                       €725 + vat /  m²                                        

Our prices will not include architect and engineering fees.

Before any agreement we provide detailed price proposal which will be attached to contract agreement.

Bellow there is a Example

Lifetime Homes Ltd – Offer Example Price
Slab xxxx
Main Steel Structure xxxx
Roof xxxx
Soffit & Fascia xxxx
Exterior  walls xxxx
Interior  walls xxxx
Ceilings & Insulations xxxx
1st   Floor Slab support xxxx
Attic floor support xxxx
Attic stairway xxxx
1st floor stairway xxxx
Interior doors xxxx
Exterior Doors xxxx
Aluminioum windows & Patio doors xxxx
window sill xxxx
Kitchen xxxx
Laundry xxxx
Cupboards Closets xxxx
Electrical xxxx
Plumbing’s xxxx
Floors covers xxxx
Toilet – Bath tub – basin etc xxxx
Kitchen and Toilet  wall tiles xxxx
Pit & sanitary system xxxx
Solar heater with pressure system xxxx
Paintings xxxx
sub total xxxx
plus vat xxxx
Total xxxx
* where [xxxx] is our offer price